Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Getting My Life Back

He broke up with me.
Its almost 5 years. Almost.
And I lost myself in that past relationship.

Its amazing that I'm able to stay in such relationship. I was trying hard to make it last, to make it worth. However, if only one person is fighting in a relationship; eventually it will become a toxic relationship.

Gladly, five months had passed. I tried reaching out to my friends and surprisingly one by one came up and helped me to remember who I really am. Among all of them, I'm glad that Gandalf came. He is wise, caring, understanding and able to handle me without hurting my feelings. He is an inspiration.

Now, moving on with my life. While waiting for a right person to take my hand, I guess I should become the right person starting now.

Love never fails. Have faith. There's always hope 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Home Away from Home

Recently I'm in need of a new place of my own that I can call "My Home". I'm fortunate to have a job but not yet able to loan for a car. It's either I walk to work or I borrowed my boyfriend's car. Therefore, I rent a place that is closer to my workplace to make it easier for me to walk or cycle (after I buy and learn how to ride a bicycle, lol). At the age of 28, this is an absolute life goal for me *wink*

I'm actually really scared to live alone. Will I died from boredom when I live alone? Will I procrastinate in taking care of the house? Will it be lonely? But, I really need to move out from my old house.

It was nearly the end of the month and I clearly don't have any savings to use as a deposit if I get a place to rent. After a failed negotiation with my mum, I tried to ask my sister for help. As a supportive sister, she lend me a sum of money and I am able to move to my new house. Everything moved so fast that day. I still remember that I texted the broker at the morning, I went to visit the place on the afternoon, I paid the deposit on the evening, get the agreement the next morning, got keys + cards to the new place and moving stuff until the evening. The power of money. 

Keys and Card to my house :)
I'm so in love with my new home. Its situated next to a shopping mall, have its own swimming pool, gym, BBQ pit, secured with pass card and just 5 mins away from my workplace! Since its a studio apartment, my home is small and easy to maintain. All I need now is a plan on how to decorate this place properly. Below are some photo of my place before I moved my things inside :)

The entrance, kitchen, storage and toilet door.
Big sliding door. The bedroom, office, kitchen and dining room :p

The toilet & shower

I'm extremely anxious and excited to decorate this place. I want to keep it simple and less furniture. After all, i just rent this place. I can't wait to make a house-warming party and invite some friends. Well, I need to finish my theses this semester and work extra harder. I'll post more updates on the house deco soon~


Sunday, April 19, 2015


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